Answer questions today, not next month

Build low-code data apps in minutes with Latitude.

From zero to insight in minutes.

Don’t have a data stack yet, but you need to help your team to answer questions with data? Connect your data sources into Latitude and start exploring your data straight away.

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Join, group and transform your data

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Generate charts and get insights

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Data flowing through your company

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AI Assistant

Write SQL faster

“Latitude completely transforms the way teams work with data”

Pau Ramon

CTO at Factorial

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A better data experience

Latitude is the right way to excel at data exploration and consumption in a collaborative, fast, and fun way. You don’t need to spend months and countless hours of dev time building and maintaining data pipelines anymore.

Self-service exploration

Since transformations are laid out visually, you and your team can see what’s behind the scenes with no extra effort.

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Text to SQL with AI

With our new AI assistant, you’ll get be able to explore your data even faster.

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Keyboard first

We have built-in shortcuts to let you move through your data at the speed of light. ⚡️

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Multiplayer collaboration

See who’s working and commenting on a project and join them in real-time.

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Bring your team for free

Bring your entire team to Latitude and discover the potential of collaborative data exploration.

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