The missing workspace for data analysts

Latitude’s data workspace helps analysts streamline their workflow and build interactive data apps quickly.

Analysts deserve better

Working with data shouldn't be this complicated

We know how it feels to be flooded with endless data requests coming from all sides.

We know how it feels when you need to update a query and you don’t know what’s gonna break this time.

We know how it feels to put so much effort into a dashboard only to realize no one's using it.

We know how you feel. It shouldn’t be this complicated.

You deserve a workspace where you can bring in data, model it, build reports, and collaborate with others easily. All in one place.

That's what Latitude is all about. Our purpose is to streamline data analysis, and we're working hard to make it happen.

“Latitude allows us to connect all of our data sources and build dashboards faster than ever before.”

Javier Niño

Data Analyst at Zinkee

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Data sources

Integrated with your stack

Latitude works with your data, wherever it is. Connect your data sources in just a few clicks or drag a CSV file to get started.

Data sources

Speed up your workflow

Unblock the road to insights. Meet the new standard for going from raw data to final report.

Infinite collaborative canvas

Add as many sources, transformations, and charts as you need. Your entire workflow in a single place.

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Data snapshots with DuckDB

Drop a CSV file into the canvas or pull data from your sources into snapshots and query them at the speed of light.

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Data profiler

Get a quick glance at the data quality of any source or query: use our Profiler to understand your datasets in one click.

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Built-in AI assistant

Think Copilot but for data analysts. Generate performant SQL queries from plain English.

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Beautiful interactive data apps

Build stunning dashboards and reports to share with your team in seconds. Forget about spending hours configuring filters.

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Chart annotations

Write, draw, highlight, and comment on top of your charts. Collaborate with business users and provide context.

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Tightly coupled with dbt

Latitude integrates with your dbt projects so you can bring your models to the last mile of data analysis.

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