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Sync your old and new Google Analytics data with this free tool.

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Google Analytics Sync is a free tool to get all your data from Google Analytics in the same place.

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Universal Analytics is going away

As you may know, the old Google Universal Analytics will be deprecated on July 1st for the new Google Analytics 4.

After this date, your historical Universal Analytics data will be limited and put in silos away from your new Google Analytics 4 data.

If you want to keep analyzing all your Google Analytics data in the same place, use our free Google Analytics Sync.

Get your Google Analytics together

Connect both Universal Analytics and GA4 to Latitude and bring your data to our Data Engine.

From there, just use our free template to join them in the same place and build data apps on top of it.

Keep your historical data

Knowing your past metrics is essential to understand how you’re doing today.

Make sure you don’t lose your data.

Benefits for your company

All your Google Analytics data in one place

Don't lose your historical Universal Analytics data

Setup takes a few clicks

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