Explore your data.

Latitude enables collaboration between data teams and decision-makers. Reduce back and forth, speed up feedback loops, and empower true self-service.

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It's better together

At Latitude, data teams and stakeholders work together in a shared real-time multiplayer canvas.

A screenshot of the product, showcasing a data project canvas with source and transformation nodes, multiplayer cursors, and commenting capabilities.
A node's output branching out

Drag it, drop it, link it, fork it

Use our visual builder to transform data, add visualizations right into the canvas, or branch out for further exploration.

Keep the feedback coming

Iterate faster by keeping conversations within data projects. Ask questions, add comments, or validate results together.

The commenting UI attached to a particular node

Visual mode or SQL — why not both?

Our hybrid canvas lets experts run SQL while enabling stakeholders to tweak queries or create their own.

A code block attached to another transformation node to do sorting

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