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We are changing the way companies explore, share and learn from their data. The future of data is collaborative.

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On a mission to increase the world's data literacy

We believe that the ability to work with data is one of the most empowering skills for any knowledge worker. However, in most organizations, only a handful of people are able to understand data, let alone work with it.

One of the reasons this is still the case is that the work of data practitioners is fundamentally separated from that of data consumers by a set of barriers put in place by the tools available.

We want to bring down those barriers by means of a next-gen tool that's specifically designed to be used by both kinds of profiles, with collaboration right at the core of the product.


Our team

We’re a close-knit team with many years of experience building products at companies like Factorial, Shopify, Storytel, and Badi.

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César Migueláñez

Founder & CEO

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Gerard Clos

Founder & CTO

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Andrés Gutiérrez

Software Engineer

Team member

Samuel Pérez

Product Designer

Team member

Ferran Rodríguez

Growth Manager

Team member

Carlos Sansón

Software Engineer

Team member



Our principles

We're proud of the work we do, and these principles help us operate consistently across teams and disciplines.

We don't compromise on quality

We act with ownership and autonomy

We focus relentlessly

We are a team, not a family

We default to transparency

We're committed to delivering high-quality products and experiences to our customers. Good products solve problems in a simple, delightful way. If the product we are about to ship doesn't solve a problem or it's not simple and delightful to use, we won’t ship it.

We move fast, but that never means lowering the bar. Quality goes first, speed second, and scope third. If you need to move fast it's better to reduce the scope of the problems you're solving rather than just delivering a low-quality product.

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